About Us

Our practitioners are caring and professional. We are very experienced in treating people of all ages including babies, children, teenagers and older adults. We can also help with a range of different conditions relating to neuromusculoskeletal complaints such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, postural imbalances, headaches and migraines and sporting injuries.

Your First Visit

On your first visit, your practitioner will talk to you about your current condition as well as any other past or present health concerns. Information about your overall health, previous injuries or accidents, work environment and current lifestyle can all help determine the treatment approach that is right for you. We recognise that every person is different and therefore we tailor our treatments to your individual needs.

Your Child’s Appointment

Having a clear picture about your child’s health is also important when it comes to your little one. Information about his or her birth, behaviour, sleeping, feeding and general growth and development all help contribute to your child’s diagnosis and treatment. To learn more about cranial osteopathy for children head over to our Osteopathy for babies and children’s page.

Our Practitioners

Jewel Finnigan


Jewel loves Osteopathy for its holistic approach to treating the whole patient. She is passionate womens health and is particularly interested in helping patients with pregnancy related complaints, postural imbalances and injury rehabilitation.  She uses a combination of pilates, cranial osteopathy, massage, stretching and other movement based techniques to provide optimal individualised treatments for her patients. 

Since graduating Jewel has sought out further study in the fields of visceral urogenital osteopathy, biodynamic cranial osteopathy and is currently completing her clinic pilates certificate with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute in Melbourne. She has found the skills and knowledge gained from her additional training to be immensely helpful when it comes to supporting mothers and babies throughout their entire pregnancy journey by helping to address pelvic instability, lower back pain and generalised postural imbalances. 

Jewel’s interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of sporting injuries was sparked whilst studying at RMIT when she was given the opportunity to work along side renowned orthopaedic surgeons and osteopathic practitioners at Sportsmed Mumbai where. Here she was able experience first hand the role that osteopathy can play both pre and post surgery as well as general injury rehabilitation.

When she’s not helping people get well, Jewel loves to spend her time swimming at the beach, tending to her veggie garden, camping with friends and generally keeping active in any way lets her get close to nature.

Jewel is available for appointments in Geelong (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays) & Ocean Grove (Thursdays & Saturdays) 

Tanja McKenzie


Tanja is a warm and caring osteopath with many different osteopathic skills. After graduating from Victoria University in 2000, Tanja worked in New Zealand, Singapore, Bendigo and Melbourne before relocating to Geelong with her family in 2016. During this time Tanja completed further training in Cranial Osteopathy, Obstetrics and Kinesiology Taping. She is committed to keeping up to date with the latest research in health care and continues to further her skills each year through ongoing professional development.

Although Tanja enjoys treating people of all ages she is particularly passionate about supporting new mums and treating kids and pregnant women. She utilises a range of different techniques and approaches in her treatments including soft tissue work, stretching, joint mobilisation, cranial osteopathy and visceral technique.

In her spare time Tanja enjoys yoga, pilates and spending time in her garden and of course spending time with her beautiful family!


Tanja is available for appointments in Geelong on Thursdays & Saturdays

Alex Moloney

Remedial Massage

Alex first discovered Remedial Massage as teenager who was active in lots of different sports and consequently ended up with lots of different injuries and muscle imbalances as well! He found that a regular massage and stretching routine not only helped his body recover from injuries more quickly but also helped with decreasing his overall muscle soreness after matches and training. 

Alex understands that every patient is different and will always tailor his treatments accordingly. Treatments often include deep tissue massage, myofascial release, cupping, trigger point therapy and relaxation massage. Alex is always willing to adapt his approach based on your preference and can offer the full spectrum of approaches from very firm to very gentle.

Prior to starting at Holistic Osteopathy Alex previously worked with the Geelong VFL team and the Belmont Lions football club helping their players with injuries and recovery. In addition to working with sporting people Alex also enjoy’s helping tradies and desk workers with their work related aches and pains. He found that by addressing postural issues commonly found in these occupations he is able to relieve tension and help his clients get back to work pain free. 

Alex’s easy going nature helps make all his patients feel at ease with him right from the moment he meets them. He is always looking ways to help people out so it’s no surprise that he chose a career where he gets to help people out on a daily basis! These days Alex is still heavily involved in sport (especially footy, basketball and netball) and loves anything to do with the outdoors.

Alex is available for appointments in Geelong on Fridays & Saturdays. 

John O’Connor

Remedial Massage & Bowen Therapist

John began his Bowen Therapy journey in 2011 and has never looked back. Since then he has continued to grow his skill base by completing further training in Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) in 2014 and a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy from The Gordon in 2016.

John feels very fortunate to have been personally mentored by Ron Phelan as his mentor who has an extensive experience in Bowen Therapy and NST and now teaches these approaches to students all over the world. Ron also introduced John to Radionics and Kinesiology which he know uses in some treatments to help identify and treat less obvious imbalances in the body.

As a sparky in his earlier life, John is well versed in problem solving which is part of the reason we think he’s such a great massage therapist! John loves to treat both new and old imbalances within the body by finding out where the root cause of the problem is coming from. He has a particular interest in the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and how this area relates to the rest of the body.

Outside of work, John loves surfing, cycling, yoga, Qi Gong, music, spending time with his family and growing vegetables and flowers in his garden. playing and listening to music.

John is available for appointments in Ocean Grove on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

Kim Lonergan

Accredited Dietitian

What does one do with a menu of qualifications that reads Dietician Nutritionist, Teacher and Lecturer, Media Production, a love of good cheese and a Paul Kelly song? She turns it into an inspiring recipe for caring for the health of others. Welcome to the world of Kim Lonergan. Passionate about helping people rediscover their love for food, Kim believes that uncomplicating information about food, replacing it with rich evidence-based education and specifics is the key to health. Mapping the path to optimized health restoration and balance is the critical driver for the Nutritionist, along with an individual-centric approach to health. The mother of 2 believes giving back to her community along with enjoying homegrown goodies is the way to growing smiles and healthy lives.

Kim is available for appointments in Geelong or via video call on Friday’s

Picture of Faye

Faye Kendall


Faye is an experienced osteopath who finds the gentle nature of cranial osteopathy extremely effective in the treatment of many different conditions. Since graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne, Faye has completed extensive training in Australia, Europe and the USA in the fields of Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy, and Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy for children. She is currently continuing her post-graduate studies with American Osteopath Dr. James Jealous. Faye’s patients appreciate her sincere and honest approach to treatment, her vast knowledge and easy going nature. Faye has attracted a large clientele of little people and is often sought after for her experience in dealing with babies and mums postpartum.

After finishing her degree, Faye spent time living and working in London and Ireland. Upon returning to Australia Faye spent 3 years working at a busy clinic in Brisbane before relocating back to Victoria in 2012. Faye loves life by the beach and is really enjoying getting to know everyone in the community.

When she’s not working, you are most likely to find her spending time in nature either out on the water surfing or hiking amongst the trees. She also loves visiting her local beaches at Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads with her beautiful Labradors: George and Margot.

Faye is available for appointments in Ocean Grove on Tuesdays & Friday and Geelong Wednesday & Thursday

Our Locations

Fee Schedule


Standard rates (7+ years)

Initial Osteopathic Consultation – $97

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation – $87

Babies & Children (0-7 years)

Initial Osteopathic Consultation – $92

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation – $87

Concession rates (low income/pension card)

Initial Osteopathic Consultation –  $87

Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation – $77



***Private Health Rebates Apply***

Please allow 45-60 minutes for initial consultations with adults and 30 minutes for initial consultations with babies and children. Subsequent appointments are approximately 30 minutes for all ages.

Remedial Massage

60 minute Remedial Massage

Initial 60 minute Remedial Massage – $97

Subsequent 60 minute Remedial Massage – $97

Concession rate (low income/pension card) – $87

30 minute Remedial Massage

Initial 30 minute Remedial Massage – $67

Subsequent 30 minute Remedial Massage – $67

Concession rate (low income/pension card) – $57

***Private Health Rebates Apply***

Relaxation Massage

60 minute Relaxation Massage

Initial 60 minute Relaxation Massage – $97

Subsequent 60 minute Relaxation Massage – $97

Concession rate (low income/pension card) – $87

30 minute Relaxation Massage

Initial 30 minute Relaxation Massage – $67

Subsequent 30 minute Relaxation Massage – $67

Concession rate (low income/pension card) – $57

***Private Health Rebates Apply***

Cancellation Policy

We respect and value your time and appreciate that you show us the same consideration which is why we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.


If you cancel 24 hours or more prior to your scheduled appointment time we can reschedule you at no cost.


The first time a cancellation or non attendance occurs without 24 hours notice we will call you to rebook your appointment free of charge.


If a second cancellation or non attendance occurs we reserve the right to charge

50% of your consultation fee. This decision will be made by our Practice Manager.


If a third cancellation or non attendance occurs we will charge the full consultation fee.


We understand life doesn’t always go to plan and there can be extenuating circumstances. Therefore our decision to implement the cancellation policy will be made on a case by case basis.