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Breast Feeding: Why do some babies struggle?

Feeding difficulties in babies are more common than many people realise. Although nature does it’s best by providing newborns with reflexes that enable them to suck and swallow their Mothers milk, many women encounter obstacles to feeding their child which can be hugely distressing for both mother and baby. Understanding why some babies struggle with breast feeding can be helpful in finding a possible solution.

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It’s Not All In Your Head

When attacked by a predator, the fight-or-flight response revs up the metabolism and prepares the body for vigorous activity, and most or all mammals share it. This is well and good if we are being chased by a predator, but if you are are carrying stress unnecessarily it can cause havoc for your body holistically.

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Got a Pain in the Neck? You Are Not Alone!

Each year we are visited by patients with symptoms such as tension-type headaches, chronic pain, neck-pain, ear-ache, clicking and popping of the jaw and even dental issues.

Often this can be the result of TMD otherwise known as Temporomandibular Disorder, and it can cause a LOT of discomfort. The good news is a holistic approach to treatment is possible!

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